Getting started

Setting up

You can self-host OpenCopilot in a relatively easy way, please make sure you have the following requirements:

  • Docker engine and docker compose installed
  • Clone the repository
git clone
  • Update your llm-server/.env with your OPENAI_API_KEY
  • Run the installation script
make install

Then your OpenCopilot dashboard will be accessible at http://localhost:8888

You also can see the complete list of commands using make help

➜  OpenCopilot git:(main) make help
Usage: make [target]

Available Targets:

  install            - Install and set up the Docker environment
  db-setup           - Set up the database (fresh migration with seeding)
  down               - Stop and remove all containers
  exec-backend      - Access the backend container's shell
  exec-dashboard    - Access the dashboard container's shell
  exec-llm-server   - Access the llm-server container's shell
  restart            - Restart all containers
  logs               - Show container logs

  help               - Display this help message

Complete list of links: